Why this blog?


I am a researcher at the University of Bristol.

My work is fundamentally inspired by food, and the people working to produce it. In parallel, as I carry out my research, I work and I eat. Am I consuming exactly what I’m researching? – sort of. I could choose many verbs to describe things that I do as part of my research (travel, read, talk, listen) but eating seems like a juicy starting point. So this isn’t a ‘Dear friends and family’ blog, it isn’t a travel blog, and it isn’t an ongoing paper-in-progress, although it is inspired by a deliberation over whether to do one of those things. It is simply an exploration through food.

If you need context, my academic page is on the Bristol University website, here.  I also run a project website for my current academic research, Working for five a day, which includes updates on my latest collective efforts with colleagues too. Or there is always twitter.

Thank you for reading,