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The First Food This is about hospital food for new mothers, based on my own experience.

Seasonal migrant guestworkers get a raw deal in UK government scheme up for renewal in 2022 A post co-witten with Dr Sam Scott on UK seasonal migrant worker policy. Originally published by CCRI.

A Rotten Deal: Tomato Pickers and Online Shopping Discusses Moroccan tomato pickers, working pressure and the connection to online shopping.

Does it matter that the UK relies on migrant workers to harvest food? A discussion of labour policy for the UK food system.

A Fresh Start Written on the first day of my post-doctoral project.

Table Grapes: A hand-selected future of work On changes to our working lives.

Apples On time and picking apples. The value of trees.

Food Connections Inspired by the Bristol Food Connections festival this focuses on some separations in the food system and that event. Also, wages, markets and first research findings.

Playing with food On play, clowning, food and knowledge.

Watermelon work Based on an article about seasonal workers in the EU.

Olive Oil production in Morocco: so many questions Not so sustainable production with not so transparent funding mechanisms.

Let them eat sherbet Academic events, allergies.

Flowerland The story of the Dutch flower workers (and the chicken factory worker too).

Sugar On Bristol and Slavery, as well as teaching.

Lettuce con courgette spaghetti The lettuce shortage, courgetti and valentines.

Proper Spanish Lunch long meals, fast food and the in-between spaces of research.

Crisps Reverse culture shock, crisps.

Coffee Leaving Morocco and spaces of transition. Multi-lingual spaces.

Harcha Friends, fieldwork and cooking. Sadness of soon-to-be endings.

Sweet things The vegan version is the cheap version, and fieldwork endeavours.

Tagine The perfect plate to really share food.

Bread Gender, work, bread-making.

Of Sardines and Stamps, Ethics and Risk Rubber stamps and goose chases.

Thursday Finding the meaning of the obvious. Listening.

Couscous Welcome, support and the delicacy of couscous.

L hawli Meat, religion and the need to appreciate life.

Spryte In search of new things we find surprising comfort in the familiar.

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