This blog is written by Dr Lydia Medland. The blog posts are on-going observations, written in the first person, of life, research and food-related issues. Below are my academic publications:

BOOK CHAPTER: [Accepted for publication] Medland, L, 2019, Village routes: migration within rural spaces, in, Emma Carmel, Katharina Lenner, Regine Paul (eds) Handbook on the Governance and Politics of Migration, Edward Elgar.

BOOK CHAPTER: Medland L, Language learning as research rehearsal: Preparation for multi-linguistic field research in Morocco in, Robert Gibb, Annabel Tremlett, Julien Danero Iglesias (eds) Learning and Using Languages in Ethnographic Research.

WORKING PAPER/ARTICLE: Medland L, Pitts, FH, Anderson, B, Bales, K, Novitz, T, & Turnbull, P, (2018) The ‘future’ of work? Change and continuity in work and its regulation. School of Law working paper, Bristol University.

ARTICLE: Medland L, (2017) Misconceiving ‘seasons’ in global food systems: The case of the EU Seasonal Workers Directive, European Law Journal, vol 23., pp. 157-171

ARTICLE: Medland L, (2016) Working for social sustainability: Insights from a Spanish organic production enclave. Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 40(10) pp. 1133-1156

BOOK CHAPTER: Jiménez-Aceituno, A, Medland, L, Delgado, A, Carballés-Bretón, A, Maiques-Diaz, A, Muñoz, LD, Marín-Rodríguez, M, Chamorro-Ortiz, P & Casado-Cid, B, 2016 ‘Social Theatre as a Tool for Environmental Learning Processes: A Case Study from Madrid, Spain’. in: Martha Monroe, Marianne Krasny (eds) Across the Spectrum: Resources for Environmental Educators. North American Association for Environmental Education, pp. 281-296.